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Learn with SmarterOne PH and Earn those CPD Points!

"Great website! User-friendly, easy to navigate, informative and cool design too, made me proud to know that it's conceptualized by a Filipino. I suggest for more available courses for other licensed professionals like engineers, CPAs etc. for more referrals."

- Learner Feedback

Informative and Convenient!

I'm really thankful that this medium has finally been made available. Imagine, a full lecture/seminar on an important topic that we can access anywhere, anytime and finish at our own pace. And with CPD points! This saves my brain from the overload of information that one-day seminars usually give as I can complete it in 30 days.

The content was comprehensive and has been explained clearly. The lecturer was amazing in making the topics clear and easily understandable. I learned a lot on this topic! I hope there will be more seminars soon!

Mary Ruth Baloy

Very Cear and Direct to the Point

Very timely and simple to understand, thank you for having an online course with CPD for us who are working and are from away from Manila and those areas where they usually conduct training and seminars

Teresa Antonia Koykka

Food for the Brain

Since it is an online course, it is very conducive for learning, user friendly and it involves learning that can easily digests. 

Mariel Charlene Catarroja