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Conducting Trauma Assessments in the Clinical, School, and Workplace Settings

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Course Offered from:
May 01, 2023 to December 31, 2023

Course Description:
Psychological trauma is one of the most common mental health concerns. It manifests an overwhelming emotional response to a terrible event and may impact various areas of an individual’s functioning. Several tests that evaluate trauma have been developed and made available in response to the need to have effective measures to assess trauma and mitigate its impact. However, relying on a single screening test would not be enough due to the complexity of trauma and its symptom expression. Thus, a thorough assessment is essential to develop an accurate diagnosis and provide an effective intervention program. This 8-hour online, self-paced course aims to equip psychologists and psychometricians the skills and knowledge in conducting psychological assessment of individuals with trauma. Likewise, at the end of this course, the participants will be able to conduct psychological assessment of trauma that is specific for the various purposes in the clinical, educational, and industrial settings.


PRC CPD Program Accreditation # PSYCH-2022-055-255
Approved Credit Units: 5 CPD Points for Psychologists and Psychometricians


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Caryl Joy Silva
Review on Conducting Trauma Assessments (Asynch. Course)

I wanna commend the trainers for this Online Asynchronous Course on Trauma Assessment. The content is 💯% well-discussed and appropriate for this course. Currently, I am completing enjoying the course during mga free time right after work, which I also consider as a productive break from my tedious work. I am looking forward to enrol to the other courses offered, since these would be great investments in my profession. 🫰🏻

Maria Angelica Llara

i did not even open it yet, i cannot access anymore, so disappointing